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N&N Fashion School is Ghanaʼs go-to fashion training center. Here at NellyNel Fashion School, we believe each individual is unique.

Therefore, our students are trained on one-on-one basis with no more than 10 Students per session so we can concentrate on each individuals unique skill.

Students are trained both practically and theoretically so they donʼt just possess the ability to make classic clothing but to also sell these clothes and dominate the fashion industry globally.

N&N Classes

Sessions are three days a week, three hours a day:

  • Morning (9am – 12pm),
  • Afternoon (12pm – 3pm),
  • Evening (3pm – 6pm) and
  • Weekend (9am – 3pm).

We also help create schedules that fit  students who cannot fit into our general timetable. Our premises is not just physically conducive but also emotionally conducive for learning with a guidance counselor in place, to help relieve students off any stress affecting their studies.

We have successfully trained over 1000 students since the schools inception in 2016 both here in Ghana and abroad with international students from Liberia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Congo, France, Nigeria and Togo who are all dominating the fashion industry globally.


Start your own fashion business!

NellyNel Fashion school trains students to establish their own fashion businesses right after school and this is why we are the best fashion school there is in Ghana

We officially welcome you to Ghana’s No.1 fashion training center. Do enjoy your stay with us. We are glad you are here.

We have successfully trained over a 1000 students.
Countries represented by over 1000 Students.
Of students are from Liberia, United Kingdom, USA, e.t.c.
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on students.

Meet the CEO & Founder

Nelly Oduro-Antwi

CEO & Founder

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